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I grew up on a farm, which is why I choose this name for my blog, as some of the posts will be my memories from that time. I'm 29 years old and have been at learning coding and website development for a while. I also like to do some sports when I have the time for it, like tennis and badminton.

A lot of transformation has been observed in the dating trend lately. The concept of dating or getting to know a person before marriage is comparatively new in some countries. Prior to this, people used to opt for the conventional form of marriage, it has been quite some time since people have started taken dating as a casual thing. This trend was kept restricted to urban areas for almost a decade but slowly people in less-posh or rural areas started catching up with this new trend, breaking the shackles of old mentality and norms.

Not before long when dating was still considered to be an awkward and less favorable activity, people living in urban area started taking about it. Back then, there were very few ways to get to know a person and even lesser places to take a person on a date. It was comparatively easy for people belonging to upper middle class or higher class to go on dates as there were still options for them to move around and spend time with their boyfriends and girlfriends. But for middle class citizens searching for a partner or place to date, this predicament was a hard nut to crack. In that time, people could be found hiding in parks and some secluded hotels to keep themselves off the eyes of the society. Slowly the mentality of people broadened and society started accepting the concept of dating. This concept of dating evolved and with time it transformed completely. Decades ago people faced problems in meeting people and finding places, now they have so many options that it leaves them confused and often leads them into uncanny situations. In this frenzy people have taken and online approach of meeting people. The concept is known as online dating. People now get hooked on the dating sites.

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What has This got to do With Programming and Coding?

I’ve recently been thinking about coding a dating site and uploading it online to see if it can become popular and attract any visitors. This will just be a side project, but I believe It’s going to be a fun thing to do. I will try to keep you all updated on how it progresses. I’m getting a bit tired working on the other stuff that I’ve been doing for a pretty long time now, so I believe this could be a nice change and bring some variety. Maybe it will work out nicely, and maybe I’ll get tired of this in a couple of days, only time will tell. I’ve been studying other sites like this through a page that I found and plan on building something similar to this.

Concept of Online Dating:

Restaurants and hub-places offer people places to meet and these dating sites help people in meeting new individuals. There are thousands of websites that allow you to meet people online and they are made especially for this purpose. A person has to create an online identity or a profile on these sites and they are all set to meet new people. Creating the profile includes adding information about oneself, adding your interest areas, a picture of you as a person, that’s not mandatory though. When a profile is created, it is made available for everyone to see on that dating site, people can contact other persons if they find them interesting or if their profile seems good and genuine to them. They can send request to them and then the whole process of online dating begins.

Disadvantages of Online Dating:

Online dating, though easy, runs on certain disadvantages. You can never validate the identity of a person and knowing if a person you are talking to is genuine is very hard or next to impossible. People often get hooked up to fake profiles and then suffer undesirable consequences. As every coin has two faces, dating online is entertaining yet risky to follow.